The Gore E​.​P.

by Head Head

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Could do with some proper cover art. Paint just doesn't cut it nowadays.


released May 17, 2014



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Track Name: Bien Le Don
I don’t mind. Nor do you, so let’s see it through
I’ve got mine, you’ve got yours, mine will always stay outdoors.

Broken heart again. Broken doors. Deceitful commodores
Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling bored. I can’t complain or ask for more.

I’m losing my mind here just to see, just to see if I feel like carrying on.
This needs to end. Just tell me its over and that we should just be friends.

My demise between your thighs. Intoxicated lies.
You should know that I’m not yours and I don’t want the keys to your doors.

I’m losing my mind here just to see if I feel like carrying on.
This needs to end. Just tell me it’s over and that we should just be friends.
Track Name: Green Lane
I’m trying to say I’m sorry but I just don’t know the words and I don’t think I ever will.
Inside I get so frustrated that I don’t know what to say and there’s no point trying cos it comes out wrong anyway.

In the golden sun
I knew you would come
Glistening of old
To me always sold

There’s an earthy smile upon me, a rare but welcome guest, the road warms up and I feel it on my chest.
The sky plays a sinless part in keeping it all afloat, careless bliss has its hands around my throat.
Track Name: Sea Cruts
Where are the golden olden days, oh where are they?
When you and I would walk all day.

I wonder how it changed so fast, and whoever changed it?
But there’s no reason now to find out how.

Walking everywhere, everywhere to you.
Walking everywhere, everywhere with you.

Cool breeze and glazy lazy faces, oh what a wonder
And half each of a Co-op rosé wine.

I sometimes wish I could go back there, warm in the embrace
Of your company and the sandy summer sun

Laid down drunk you and Velouria, I’m fine with this memory.
Those days have gone far away for now but I’m fine with this memory.
Track Name: Roundabout
I Think I’m in love with you too much baby I can’t just let you go
I’ve been chasing you round like crazy I just thought you ought to know.

Round and round on the roundabout and there is nowhere to turn off, and I’ve been stuck here far too long.

I keep thinking we’ll make it happen and yea I know I’m wrong
But I’m so used to you now so just come round and take it all off

Even now I don’t want you baby this has got to stop
You say the same but don’t hesitate and I’m around a lot